With Mari and Vivi

There´s always time for a jump of joy (thanks Faautu)! And while the new volunteers get in touch with their first manifestation around the corner (against a municipal ley against manifestations), on plaza de mayo it´s time to thank two great women. Mari (right hand side), it´s great that you are here, doing the nurses job and answering 48 questions per hour, its fun to talk with you about the cultures and have somebody to share the mate. And Vivi (left hand side), you definitly backed my year, doing a lot of paperwork for me, creating the volunteers boletin, having the good mood when I was grumpy, convincing all men (and most of women, too) of the IERP world of the sense of the program, being pacient with my spanish and lots more. Que siguas con esta luz y fuerza! Dicker Abrazo!

Already a week ago: Best of Colombia

Not the fastest but our best photografic impression from Colombia that we left Monday the 7th when the world was still prefootball and flags were where they should be: