Heel zwaar leven....

How do you tell that just 5 weeks after arriving in a new country, you have an astonishing flat, 30 points in your niveau 3 Netherlands test (goed) and since a week a tariff paid job with social contributions? Although 5 weeks ago you did not plan neither of that?

Second talk in dutch was with a classmate of me. Without knowing anything of my past, she told me that her husband is going to leave the male prostitution project of Antwerp. There it was, destiny deciding for me. 2 weeks and a hilarious application process in Dutch later, I signed the contract. Now, I am again searching bars for escorts from the Balkans, this time in Dutch, thinking about translations for long forgotten sentences like "Mach Vorkasse" oder "Kein Blut oder Sperma auf Schleimhäute".

Probably I am in phase 1 of the cultural shoque model ("honeymoon") and of course, bad times will come. On the weekend, Belgium got already flooded and there is still no government in sight. Today you could hardly see the cathedral because of all the mist. Brigitte Kaandorp gives the tunes for my situation, I like to show you the clip. It is also a good start for friends everywhere but especially in Duitsland to learn some Dutch. "Ik heb een heel zwaar leven - I have a very difficult life - moeilijk, moeilijk, moeilijk - difficult, difficult, difficult..."