A selection of issues for this blog which weren't published the last weeks because there was always another wall to paint

About the obviously strong human desire to build up a nest, without any thoughts about relevance and perspective. In this state, a good dowel, a nice paint or an even shelf becomes the answer to sense of life and when you suddenly have an enlighted moment of clear conscious you find yourself on Friday nights in the IKEA kitchen section, comparing the Grundtal and Bygel systems.

Failed state Belgium: How the country continues 130 days after the elections without government and no perspective to find one in the medium term. Who needs to go to the south to have that experience? Its in front of the door of the EU capital.

How it is to live in a city where the far right owns a third of the votes since fifteen years, where a third of the inhabitants are of foreign origin, where a big, tolerated red light district around the corner attract the male clients, where rich neighborhoods from the Flemish elite and deeply industrialized quarters around Europe´s second biggest harbor come along with each other.

Our lift, build in 1929, a living reminder of Art Nouveau and Film Noir. As the grand old lady of the house, she has her own personality, sometimes stopping where you do not expect it, sometimes taking a day off from work. But we can not be angry with her, since she is not simply transporting but rather lifting us to some higher level of existence.

About finally getting to the home country of world's finest tiles and some most beautiful exemplars in our own toilet.